Hand Up Loan

Interest-Free Loans for Business and Personal Needs

Where most lenders focus on risk, we focus on what you’re trying to accomplish for your family and future.

When a financial barrier affects your ability to maintain steady employment, housing, or transportation, removing that obstacle can be life-changing. Our Hand Up Loan program helps individuals and families in San Diego County access interest-free loans, so they can advance toward a more secure and financially independent future.

Take the Next Step

“While I was deployed, my wife’s car broke down. In San Diego, you need a car and she needed to repair it quickly to get to work and drive our kids to school. This loan was a lifesaver—we were able to fix the car without risking my wife’s job or disrupting our kid’s activities.”

Our Approach to Lending

We prioritize requests that signal a clear step toward long-term stability, and we work with applicants on budgeting and credit counseling to ensure they can stay on top of their repayment plan. Applicants agree to a maximum repayment term of 36 months and are encouraged to make monthly ACH (automatic electronic) payments.

The types of loans we typically can support include:

  • Education (maximum $7,500)
  • Car repairs (maximum $3,000)
  • Car purchase (maximum $7,500)
  • Resettlement (maximum $3,000)
  • Medical or dental care (maximum $3,000)
  • Small business loans (maximum $7,500)

What You’ll Need to Apply

  • Proof of San Diego County residency
  • Proof of employment or source of income (SSI and disability are acceptable)
  • Proof of need for a loan (i.e. tuition bill, medical bill, estimate for cost of vehicle or home repair, etc.)
  • One co-signer for loans up to $3,000 and two co-signers for loans greater than $3,000. (Co-signers must reside in California and have a FICO score in the high 600s.)


Applying for a loan is completely confidential. Start the process by submitting a pre-application form, below. Our staff will go over your application to ensure eligibility and contact you with next steps. In the meantime, we’re here to answer your questions and help you get started.