Sep 17 2019

MedPage Today

This two-part series details the poor medical care asylum-seekers receive while in ICE custody and highlights how humanitarian organizations, such as the San Diego Rapid Response Network, often have to treat migrants with severe health issues.

Sep 5 2019


The JFS Higher Education Legal Services assists students, staff, and faculty on campus who need assistance with their immigration status. This program includes DACA renewals, Know-Your-Rights workshops, general consultations, and many other targeted legal services.

Sep 5 2019

ABC 10

Our award-winning On the Go: Navigator transportation service is taking part in a pilot program that connects older adults with free Lyft rides to their local senior center.

Sep 4 2019

AP Story, Business Inside, KPBS, NBC, ABC 10 News, Telemundo 20, Times of San Diego, Voice of San Diego, The San Diego Union-Tribune

“These findings raise serious due process concerns,” said Kate Clark, JFS Senior Director of Immigration Services. “If asylum-seeking families are not being given vital instructions about their immigration proceedings in a language they can read or understand, how can we expect them to navigate an already complex legal process that is increasingly stacked against them?”

Seeking Asylum by the U. S. Immigration Policy Center (USIPC) at UC San Diego – Read the full report

Sep 4 2019

Los Angeles Times

Tom K. Wong, director of the U.S. Immigration Policy Center at UCSD, highlights the abuses asylum-seeking families experience in federal immigration detention facilities. Wong and his team independently analyzed data from 17,000+ asylum-seekers who came through our Migrant Family Shelter and uncovered a trend of substandard living conditions, physical and verbal abuse, and inaccurate legal information at these facilities.

Seeking Asylum by the U. S. Immigration Policy Center (USIPC) at UC San Diego – Read the full report

Sep 4 2019

The San Diego Union-Tribune

JFS is applying for a county grant to provide hot meals to older adults at the Ed Brown Center in Rancho Bernardo. In addition to the nutritious low-cost meals, our award-winning On the Go transportation program would offer rides to and from the center to ensure the meal program is easily accessible for the whole community.

Sep 4 2019

San Diego Jewish World

Don Harrison visits Remembrance and Hope at our JFS – Joan & Irwin Jacobs Campus.

Aug 28 2019

Times of San Diego, Fox 5, KUSI, KPBS

The JFS Higher Education Legal Services program provides students, staff, and faculty with access to immigration attorneys and critical legal services. We are proud to support the CSU community and ensure everyone has the opportunity to pursue higher education regardless of their country of origin.

Aug 22 2019


After four months in Tijuana, the wife and children of a US citizen were allowed to continue their asylum case in the US. They stayed in our Migrant Family Shelter before reconnecting with family and preparing for immigration court.

Aug 19 2019

The San Diego Union-Tribune

Despite being 50 years apart in age, Joann and Golan bring warmth and adventure into each other’s lives – and it all started with our Friendly Visitor program.

Aug 18 2019

The San Diego Union-Tribune

The Duwara Consciousness Foundation served the first meal out of their new food truck to people living in their vehicles at our Aero Drive safe parking lot. JFS Director of Strategic Partnerships, Carole Yellen, talks about how the donated dinner provided more than a meal – it brought a sense of community to unsheltered San Diegans.

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Aug 12 2019

The San Diego Union-Tribune

Without attorney representation, migrants are having a hard time preparing for their asylum interviews if forced to Remain in Mexico. And some face grave dangers if forced to stay in Mexico and need protection. “Fear of Return” protection is very difficult to come by.

Aug 12 2019

The Jewish News of Northern California

From the article: “Where the federal government is failing, JFS is stepping up,” said Assemblymember Rebecca Bauer-Kahan (D-Orinda). Members of the Jewish and Latino legislative caucuses toured our Migrant Family Shelter and an ICE detention center to get a first-hand look at the difficult journey asylum-seekers face.

Aug 9 2019

Times of San Diego

Jewish Family Service’s “On the Go” program in conjunction with Ed Brown Center is one of three senior centers selected from across the country to test an outreach and education program connecting older adults with ridesharing services, so they can participate in health and wellness programs.

Jul 29 2019

The San Diego Union-Tribune

Migrants who are returned to Mexico to wait for their court date under the MPP are at a high risk for kidnapping, human trafficking, and extortion. Our immigration attorney Luis Gonzalez talks about the danger asylum-seekers, particularly women with young children, face during their stay in Tijuana. The legal team at JFS is dedicated to representing vulnerable families as they search for a better life in the United States.

Jul 28 2019

The San Diego Union-Tribune

This frontpage Union-Tribune story investigates the challenges and importance of legal representation for asylum seekers who fall under Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), otherwise known as Remain in Mexico.

Jul 26 2019

La Mesa Courier

A group of local artists sold handmade mugs to raise money for the JFS Migrant Family Shelter. The fundraiser brought in $2,500, which will directly support asylum-seeking families as they search for a better life in the U.S.

Jul 25 2019


A mother and her child – assisted by our pro-bono immigration attorneys – attempted to plead their case for asylum in U.S. immigration court. This mother and her teenage son are running from gangs in El Salvador that killed other members of their family. Even though they have already been robbed in Mexico and live in constant fear of being found by the gangs, this family has been placed in the Migrant Protection Protocols and must remain in Mexico until they can pass a “credible fear” interview. Our legal team will continue to fight for this family, and many others like them, in the hopes of helping them find safer and more secure lives in the U.S.

Click here to watch the video from KPBS (The story begins at the 3:15 mark)
Click here to read the KPBS article

Jul 24 2019

ABA Journal

“Some of the asylum-seekers do have support on the north side of the border, but it’s difficult to access that support when it’s across an international line,” says JFS Immigration Attorney Leah Chavarria.

Jul 17 2019

Fox 2

The Oakland, California, Fox station highlights the work of two students who’ve founded a nonprofit that collects handwritten letters for Latin American migrants. This past June, dozens of Cartas Con Amor were delivered to the JFS Migrant Family Shelter. Learn more about their mission and their visit to our shelter:

Jul 15 2019

As part of the I Am An Immigrant Campaign, #ToImmigrantsWithLove encourages everyone to donate to organizations serving our immigrant community. The San Diego Rapid Response Network is featured on their list of organizations making a difference at the border.

Jul 11 2019

Times of San Diego

The effect of “Remain in Mexico”—Migrant Protection Protocol (MPP) is having on the number of asylum-seekers.

Jul 10 2019

The New York Times

In this front-page article, Kate Clark, Senior Director of JFS Immigration Services, discusses the impact of the “remain in Mexico” program.

Jul 10 2019


The shelter run by JFS screens families for communicable health conditions after leaving “inhumane conditions” at overcrowded detentions centers in Texas and Arizona.

Jul 5 2019

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