Jul 15 2019

As part of the I Am An Immigrant Campaign, #ToImmigrantsWithLove encourages everyone to donate to organizations serving our immigrant community. The San Diego Rapid Response Network is featured on their list of organizations making a difference at the border.

Jul 11 2019

Times of San Diego

The effect of “Remain in Mexico”—Migrant Protection Protocol (MPP) is having on the number of asylum-seekers.

Jul 10 2019

The New York Times

In this front-page article, Kate Clark, Senior Director of JFS Immigration Services, discusses the impact of the “remain in Mexico” program.

Jul 10 2019


The shelter run by JFS screens families for communicable health conditions after leaving “inhumane conditions” at overcrowded detentions centers in Texas and Arizona.

Jul 5 2019

Organizaciones comunitarias piden mantener la calma y corroborar cualquier información que circule en redes sociales.

Jul 1 2019

San Diego Jewish Journal

JFS and Jewish Federation have formed a partnership to advocate for a State-funded grant that would increase community security and ensure nonprofits are protected from violent hate crimes.

Jun 28 2019

The San Diego Union-Tribune

Despite the end of family separation policies, non-traditional families seeking asylum still face hurdles in the United States.

Jun 28 2019

Times of San Diego

The third parking lot in our Safe Parking Program is the first to welcome RVs. Homeless individuals and families have access to emergency support, benefits assistance, and help with locating permanent housing.

Jun 25 2019


Reporter Stella Escobedo tours the Migrant Family Shelter and chats with JFS CEO Michael Hopkins about the humanitarian services we provide following increased security at the Southern border.

Jun 18 2019

The San Diego Union-Tribune

Reporter Kate Morrissey captures the reaction of the San Diego immigrant community to Trump’s announcement that ICE will begin mass deportations.

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