Our Impact


Over a century of service, we’ve seen how uplifting people and their families helps strengthen the whole community. Our Community Impacts team provides an infrastructure and support system for measuring these results.

Working closely with staff across our programs and services, our data specialists determine accurate methods for tracking client progress over time, train teams on ETOi data collection software and reporting, and provide agency leadership with reliable data to promote informed decision-making.

Their work ensures our efforts link to measurable goals and outcomes—and allows us to assess where we can partner to deepen our impact.


We track our clients’ progress along social determinants of health, including income, housing, employment, mental health, safety, transportation, and family/social relationships.

We gather information about the numbers of clients we serve, the resources and services they utilize, and the progress they are making toward their goals.

We conduct regular learning journeys, surveys, and focus groups to listen to the needs of our clients—taking note of common challenges, requests for help, and suggestions for improvement.


At JFS, we are constantly looking at what we are doing and what we could be doing better in terms of client experience and impact. Often, this involves working with other organizations to coordinate services and share best practices and outcomes. This commitment to exchanging data allows us to know what services people are accessing and where, while also revealing opportunities to address ongoing and unmet needs.

Stories That Inspire

The most meaningful evidence of our agency’s impact is not a statistic but a story, told by someone who knows our work better than anyone.

Find Support

Moving forward looks different for everyone. At JFS, we meet people where they are and work together to establish the foundations they can build on.

Come Change Lives with Us

JFS is where people of all ages, faiths, and backgrounds to come together in service to the community. Find the opportunity that speaks to you.