Our Approach


Every day, people turn to JFS because they need someone in their corner. We welcome everyone with dignity, compassion, and respect.

We listen to clients’ whole stories—not just the needs that brought them here—and approach their challenges with their strengths, motivations, and unique circumstances in mind.

We put people and their wellbeing at the center of everything we do.


When people first contact JFS, it’s often with an urgent need like food, transportation, or housing. Others seek assistance for an aging parent or a new network of support. We start by helping people access the resources to stabilize their situation. Then, we work together to create a plan.

With an approach rooted in supportive personal relationships and strong community partnerships, we deliver services that foster the health, skills, confidence, and resilience of every person we serve.

Over time, our clients build a foundation of economic stability, personal wellbeing, and community connection that empowers them to thrive.

Economic Stability

The ability to meet basic needs, obtain an education, secure steady employment, and plan for the future.

Personal Wellbeing

The health, skills, confidence, and resilience to overcome challenges and achieve our future goals.

Community Connection

The opportunity to live engaged, socially connected lives – and feel a part of a supportive community.


At JFS, we recognize that systemic change requires the attention and coordinated action of diverse organizations and people. That’s why we actively partner to identify, address, and advocate for effective solutions to San Diego’s most complex and pressing challenges.

We are a home for the whole community – for people in search of a better life and for those seeking to make better lives possible. We act as a hub of volunteer engagement and community leadership—providing meaningful service opportunities within our agency and building deep, strong relationships among clients, supporters, staff, and volunteers.

By working together to improve the lives of individuals and families, we strengthen the whole community.

Find Support

Moving forward means something different to everyone. We’re here to help you access the tools to achieve your personal and family goals.

Come Change Lives with Us

With more than 30 rewarding volunteer positions to choose from, find the opportunity that speaks to you.

Our Next Century
Starts Now

With 100 years of experience behind us, we’re building on our commitment to changing lives and strengthening our community. There’s never been a better time to invest in JFS.