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Aug 28 2019

The JFS legal team is partnering with the California State University system to offer Higher Education Legal Services to students and staff at CSU San Marcos and San Diego State University. These free legal services include DACA renewals, Know Your Rights workshops, application completion, and much more. Learn more about the program at

Aug 27 2019

All KAVOD SHEF funds will be directed toward Emergency Services, specifically to address the following urgent and critical needs of Survivors. KAVOD SHEF funds will be utilized quickly, with few restrictions, to address unmet emergency needs of Survivors in partner cities, including San Diego, where this special initiative will launch in August 2019.

Aug 15 2019

Read JFS’ letter to Chairwoman Soomin Chao concerning the released version of the State’s Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum (ESMC).

Aug 5 2019

This award recognizes organizations that are a source of strength and support for the Latino community.

In the News

Sep 5 2019


The JFS Higher Education Legal Services assists students, staff, and faculty on campus who need assistance with their immigration status. This program includes DACA renewals, Know-Your-Rights workshops, general consultations, and many other targeted legal services.

Sep 5 2019

ABC 10

Our award-winning On the Go: Navigator transportation service is taking part in a pilot program that connects older adults with free Lyft rides to their local senior center.

Sep 4 2019

Multiple Sources

“These findings raise serious due process concerns,” said Kate Clark, JFS Senior Director of Immigration Services. “If asylum-seeking families are not being given vital instructions about their immigration proceedings in a language they can read or understand, how can we expect them to navigate an already complex legal process that is increasingly stacked against them?”

Sep 4 2019

Los Angeles Times

Tom K. Wong, director of the U.S. Immigration Policy Center at UCSD, highlights the abuses asylum-seeking families experience in federal immigration detention facilities. Wong and his team independently analyzed data from 17,000+ asylum-seekers who came through our Migrant Family Shelter and uncovered a trend of substandard living conditions, physical and verbal abuse, and inaccurate legal information at these facilities.